• ​Pendants                                                           $175.00
  • Sterling Silver Rings with custom ash glass        $225.00
  • Bracelets starting at                                           $175.00
  • ​Ornaments                                                        $175.00
  • Lamp work beads                                              $75.00
  • Custom cast rings starting at                             $250.00​
  • Silver charms                             starting at;       $100.00
  • Hollow Silver balls, ashes inside                        $175.00 
  • Custom shapes and sizes and specialty glass(dichroic) and other custom work  will require a quote.

Work on your piece will start after your ashes are received and 50% down payment is made, because of the custom work involved no refunds are available. After you contact me I will send you a kit with instructions and a prepaid mailer to send the ash to me.  You can expect your piece to arrive 2-3 weeks after I receive the ashes.


* A $15.00 shipping and insurance charge will be added to orders within the continental United States.

* Credit Cards accepted via Square through phone or email and your receipt will be sent via email or text message from Square.

* Certified check with order

Words cannot describe.